Right Brain

Real Estate Management

Right Brain is a real estate management and development company that specialises in completing real estate projects in Turkey.


Residential Complexes

Right Brain specialises in transforming ideas and drawings on paper into fully realised development projects, large scale residential complexes and luxury hotels.
Neighbourhood City, which consists of 60 blocks of towers built on a vacant lot, is an example of a successful project that has been completed by Right Brain. Another of Right Brain’s successes is the Neighbourhood Residence project, which is an integrated residential complex. Both projects consist of a total of 3,600 flats, including a 7,195 square metre five-star rated spa hotel within the Neighbourhood Residence project.



The company’s activities range in size and scope, and Right Brain has completed projects on existing properties as well as building new developments on empty plots of land.


Right Brain relies on its team of experts, who have many years of experience in the property industry. The team aims to provide a personalised and professional service backed up by their combined skills, experience, and expertise.